Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A DIY Painted Clutch: Polka Dot Style!

I've been in love with all of the cute clutches and handbags that I've seen this spring.  From the pinstripes to the never-ending variety of polka-dots, I've wanted to buy them all.  Unfortunately, I often times find them a bit pricey for something that I think is so seasonally trendy.  Don't get me wrong- I will spend good money on bags, however I tend to purchase classic pieces that can be used year after year.  However, I can't help wanting a bright colored polka-dotted clutch this season, as they are so much fun and add a cute touch to any basic outfit.  My solution?  I decided to make my own.  I completed my clutch for less than $20, and I think you can also.  Please continue reading for simple steps to complete you own DIY clutch for spring/summer.

Things you need: a basic clutch that has a nice smooth surface that will allow painting.  If you are a more advanced artist, go for a rougher surface!  I purchased this clutch from Gap about a month ago.  I love the bright yellow color of it.  It was originally $30, but I got it when they were having a 40% off the store sale, so I saved a lot.  There are a lot of places where you can get a basic clutch cheaply.  Ebay even has many sellers who sell cute-colored clutches for $6-12 dollars a piece.

You will also need paint & paintbrushes.  I used acrylic paint on my bag, but you can also purchase craft paint at places such as Jo-Ann Fabrics & Michaels for around $1 a color.  You will also need a few different sized brushes.  I would recommend purchasing one of the variety packs of brushes that they sell at craft stores for around $3-4 dollars (for about 5 brushes), unless you plan to do more art projects and then you may want to invest a bit more and buy nicer brushes.  You can buy nicer-end brushes for around $8-$10/brush, however for this project you just need the cheap ones.

So, let's begin!

 Step 1. Start with a plain bag or clutch.  I got this one for under $20!

Step 2. Gather your tools.  I used two different shades of blue paint & white paint.  I also used three sizes of brushes.  You can use things like stencils on your bag such as the ones shown above.

Step 3. Decide the main theme of your bag.  I chose polka-dots and decided to use the cap of a tube of paint to create the circles.  

Step 4. Place the circles randomly throughout.  I chose random placement because if I would have tried to get things perfect, I would have went insane.

(An image of the paint cap next to a circle)

Step 5. Cover the entire bag.

Step 6. Shade circles (choose circles at random).  I chose not to completely shade the circles, to give a more artistic look.

Step 7. Add the second layer of paint.  I used a lighter blue and added a bit more shading over the circles that I had previously chosen to shade.

Step 8.  Add in white paint to top off your circle.  This gives the circle a finished touch.

Each circle will be completely different and they will not be perfect, which is ok!  Perfect is boring!

And now it's finished!

Add to an outfit for a fun spring touch!

Thanks for looking!  I hope you are all inspired to create your own clutch!


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  3. Great DIY! Love the yellow and blue together :)


  4. This is a brilliant DIY, I'm very impressed.

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  5. Why yes, yes I am inspired now! It's so cute how could I not be!


    1. yay! I love that other people become inspired by my work!!

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  7. This is an awesome DIY Allison. I have seen so many DIy clutches lately and I'm totally inspire to create my own now. Hmm, hopefully it won't fall apart on me! lol

    1. I'm so happy that you are inspired to create your own clutch, KTR!! I hope you will share your final result! I'm sure it's going to be great!!!

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  11. cool idea! I did a post about different ideas on making clutches a while ago, this is a great addition (you can check it out: http://raspberryblonde.blogspot.com/2012/01/future-project.html )
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