Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wedding Wear

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  You guys all know what the weekend brings for me--wedding activities!  And this weekend, I attended another beautiful wedding for my friends A & D.  Their wedding was really large (around 400 people) and no detail was missed.  Everything from the floral arrangements to the table settings were elegantly done, and I had an amazing time.  The wedding was a Cuban wedding, and I chose to wear a feathered dress, my DIY Swarovski crystal Louboutins (info here), and a baroque-style McQueen clutch.  What do you guys think of my look for this wedding?  Do you guys like it better than my other wedding look?

Dress: Foley & Corinna
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Strass DIY
Clutch: Alexander McQueen
Earrings: Marni for H&M
Bracelets: Natasha Couture

Have a great week & don't forget to follow me on my new Facebook page!!
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY: Reworking a Vintage Bag, 2 Liebster Noms & Get to Know Me Tag!

These past few days have been insanely busy!  I've been finishing up this DIY, and I found out today that I was nominated for 2 Liebster Awards from Laura @ Great Little Day & from Brooke @ What2Wear.  I really admire both of these amazing women & consider their blogs great reads.  The rules of the Liebster Award will only allow me to accept & pass forward if I have less than 200 followers, and last night as I slept, I broke through 200!!!  So, I can't pass this award along, but I have to thank them for thinking of me!!!  I was also surprised to find out that I was tagged in a Get to Know Me post by Jan M @ Jan M Loves.  I've answered her questions below the DIY project, so if you want to read them, scroll down after the DIY!

Now, for the DIY- Don't go screaming purse abuse just yet!  I know that many of you are wondering what would possess me to paint over a Louis Vuitton bag.  Can you believe that I purchased this bag for the purpose of painting it?  Really, I did.  I decided a long time ago that I wanted a custom painted LV bag, but I obviously wasn't going to buy a brand new bag and destroy it, so I purchased a used LV bag off ebay for a low price.  The condition wasn't the best, but if you are going to do a DIY, it doesn't have to be.  The purse sat at my working desk for nearly 2 years, and I guarantee my friends probably wondered why I just had a random bag on my art desk.  Anyways, I think this is a fun DIY way to rework a vintage bag that needs an uplift- it's a way to make something uniquely yours.  Of course, as you guys well know at this point, Hello Kitty has my heart, so I customized mine in HK style.  

What you need for this DIY: Vintage purse (LV bags are great because you are painting on a canvas- contrary to what many believe, LV bags are not made of leather, but are made of coated canvas, so as an artist, they make a great base!)  However, any vintage bag that needs to be reworked will do.  You will also need a variety of paintbrushes.  I know for previous DIYs, I told you to buy cheap sets of brushes (around $3-4/set of 5 brushes at places like Michaels), and you can still do that if you aren't planning to get too detailed in your work, but if you are, you may want to invest in some better brushes (around $8-10 for nicer brushes).  You will also need paint, and I would not recommend using craft paint for this project, but would use acrylics instead.  Also, it's important to buy Opaque Acrylic colors, so the color isn't translucent when you paint it.  Colors are around $7-10 each, but you can always find sales at places like Aaron's Brothers & Michaels.

So, let's begin!

P.S. If you're already not into this DIY, did you see my Painted Clutch DIY?  It's a much simpler DIY and is perfect for summer!

Make sure you use acrylic paint for this DIY, and not craft paint.  It will be easier to paint, and the results will last longer.

 Make sure the paints are Opaque and not Translucent, or else you will be painting multiple coats!

Get a variety of brushes.

The first layer is on!  What could I be painting?

Does the red bow give it away?

I've added details in yellow & black.

And now for the final touch!  A blue outline for Hello Kitty!

What do you guys think of the finished DIY?

And now, here are my answers from the Get to Know Me post by Jan M @ Jan M Loves!

Jan chose to ask me the following questions:
Where would you like to be right at this moment?
What are your top 3 dream jobs?
What will you do if you won the lottery jackpot?
Shoes or bags?
What is the best advice you have about relationships?
Where do you shop the most?
Is there a thing you'd like to change about yourself?
What's your favorite nail polish?
What was your worst impulsive buying moment?
What beauty products do you use everyday?

Continue reading to find my answers to Jan M's questions!
Where would you like to be right at this moment?
Somewhere tropical, in a bikini, margarita in hand.
What are your top 3 dream jobs?
1) Professor of Modern Art; 2) Director of large art museum (such as LACMA); 3) Editor of Vogue
What will you do if you won the lottery jackpot?
It depends on how much it is.  I think I would donate a majority of it to organizations that I'm really supportive of and I would probably travel, a lot.
Shoes or bags?
Ughhh this is really tough for me!!  If it comes down to it...bags...I think.
What is the best advice you have about relationships?
Stay true to who you are in the relationship, and always value what your partner brings into the relationship.
Where do you shop the most?

Is there a thing you'd like to change about yourself?
Nope.  I think you eventually outgrow that stage.
What's your favorite nail polish?
I don't have a favorite brand really, because I honestly rarely wear it, but right now I love anything mint colored.
What was your worst impulsive buying moment?
I don't know that I've had any.  I really think things through before I buy them.
What beauty products do you use everyday?
I just this lotion called Purpose on my face everyday.  It's like $8 at Target and it's the only one that doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin.  I also have to use mascara, and I have been using Lorac Visual Effects for a few years now, and don't plan on switching.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Casual Cool

Some days, I just enjoy dressing down, and doing simple things, like riding my bike around Los Angeles.  My husband and I often pack our bikes up and head to the beach where the views are nice and bike riders are everywhere.  However, sometimes it's just nice to ride around Ventura Boulevard (near where we live), which means that we don't have to transport our bikes, and we still get great views.  There are always people on Ventura Blvd, plenty of cute dogs to stop and pet, and lots of cute boutiques.  For my casual bike ride, I chose to wear a pair of cut-off denim shorts, and an oversize colorful sweater.  I also wore really bright Hello Kitty accessories (you guys know I'm a fan at this point...) to top off my look.  What do you guys think of my pairing?

(I had to add this last photo because my husband snapped it thinking he was funny- I had to walk my bike down this hill because it was too steep for me, although I know it doesn't look it in the photo!)

Shirt: Tokyo find
Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: True Religion cut offs
Shoes: Vans
Jewelry: Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Collection (these pieces sold out, but similar styles here)
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Wedding Showers

This April and May, it seems like almost everyone I know is getting married, which means my weekends are filled with showers and weddings.  Yesterday, I attended a bridal shower for my friend R who will be married next month.  Los Angeles' weather has been up and down lately, but yesterday brought heat within the valley where her shower was held, so I wanted to dress lightly, yet be covered enough so I could take my outfit into evening for a date with my husband.  I chose to wear a vintage floral skirt and a lightweight shirt topped off with a bright magenta vintage Chanel to R's bridal shower.  What do you guys think of my pairing? (P.S. Scroll to the bottom to see a photo of a Chanel DIY Camellia done by a blog viewer!)

Skirt: Vintage
Top: Gap
Bag: Chanel (Vintage)
Jewelry: Earrings- Vintage; Bracelets- (Unknown)
Sunglasses: D&G

P.S. From my previous post, DIY: Making Accessories with your Chanel Camellias, some of you told me you were inspired to create your own Camellia, and I asked if you would share a photo of your finished project with me.  I was so happy to receive a share from a viewer of a finished Camellia:

I love how she started with small pearls and increased the pearl size around the petal.  And I think the small crystal details are amazing.  And best of all, I love how she turned it into a brooch.  So classic!

P.P.S. Lastly, a few posts ago, I asked for travel suggestions for this summer, and I want to thank you guys for some of the wonderful suggestions! You've given me some great ideas for places to visit in the future.  My husband and I booked our end of summer vacation to Abu Dhabi & Dubai yesterday and we are very excited!!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Gift/My First Month as a Blogger

Today marks the end of my first month as a blogger, and I have absolutely loved it thus far.  When I first started, I didn't know what to expect, and hoped to have at least 25 public followers by the end of the first month.  That number quickly increased to 50 within a week or so, and then went to 100.  As of this morning when I woke up, I had 104 public followers.  I can not thank you all enough; I have felt so welcome into this blogging world and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I came home last night, I was so excited to receive a package from my sweet friend, Hong.  She also does DIY projects, and she made me pom poms to wear on my Hermès Evelyne bag.  She also included the sweetest note to me that made me tear up.  The Hermès pom poms can be very expensive and Hong also has a DIY tutorial on her blog, which you can find here.   And she also sent me a pair of pom poms using some recycled Hermès ribbon, which is another creative idea that I had never thought of (tutorial here).  Hong's gift was so sweet that I couldn't wait to wear my Evelyne with the pom poms, so I paired my outfit today around it.  I chose to wear printed wide leg pants, and a chunky floral necklace to top the look off.  What do you guys think of my pairing?

Shirt: Gap
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: BDG.
Jewelry: Necklace- Marni for H&M; Earrings- Vintage
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I was so excited yesterday to receive my first blogging award from the lovely Larissa. 

The Rules of this award are:
• Nominate 7 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
• Let them know that you have nominated them.
• Share 7 random facts about yourself.
• Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
• Add the versatile blogger award picture to your blog post.

I'm going to switch this up a bit, and share my facts with pictures.  I hope you guys enjoy, and get to know a bit more about me!

So, here are my 7 random facts:
Fact #1. Before I met my husband, I never wanted to be married.  Now, I've been married 1.5 years, and couldn't imagine not being married.

Fact #2. I live to travel.  So, if you have any good suggestions for places to visit this summer, please let me know!  

Fact #3. Speaking of traveling, my absolute favorite place in the entire world is Salvador Dalí's self-built museum in Figueres, Spain.  I've never been happier in one place, and can't wait for the opportunity to return.

Fact #4. I have an obsession with Japanese street wear, especially Lolita-type styles.  I am absolutely convinced that if I were to move to Tokyo tomorrow, I would change my wardrobe completely and start dressing like a babydoll.  When I was in Harajuku, I went nuts in the stores, and for the past several Halloweens, I have dressed in Lolita wear.

Fact #5. I also have a strange obsession with Hello Kitty.  I just love kawaii stuff and Hello Kitty seems to fit within that realm of cuteness.  I like HK so much that I even drug my sister to Puroland, a Sanrio-themed amusement park in Japan, and we were seriously the only adults there without children.

Fact #6. Nothing inspires me more than art.  I LOVE many kinds of art, but modern & contemporary are especially inspiring to me.  Dalí, of course, is my favorite, but I also deeply admire too many other artists to list.

Jeff Koons


Yoshitomo Nara

Fact #7. Following up on my love of art, I am also an artist myself.  I have been creating everything possible since I could first pick up a crayon.  I also have a BFA and two MA degrees, one in Art Education and one in Art History.  No pictures needed for this fact. :)

The amazing women that I chose to nominate are all relatively new to blogging (started this year), and are each making unique & fun blogs!  Here are my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Djamilla @ Back to the Swag
Loreta @ Its Loreta
Jessille @ Queen Treasure
Jessica @ Stylized Luxe
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